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Innovative Hearing Aid Features to Help You Hear


Innovative Hearing Aid Features to Help You Hear


Is this the golden age of hearing aids? It seems as though every week there are remarkable new breakthroughs in hearing aid technology that can transform the way people hear. The latest innovation is not about sound, exactly, but it still has the potential to improve daily life in a number of ways. What is it? A rechargeable battery.


It may surprise you that something so simple could make a big difference in the lives of people with hearing loss. But for the 48 million Americans who suffer from hearing damage, the tiny lithium-ion rechargeable battery is big news. Using the same technology that has been used in mobile phones and laptops for years, Phonak is now making rechargeable batteries available to hearing aid wearers. Elizabeth Thompson, AuD, director of business development at Phonak says: “Today’s hearing aid wearers want technology that keeps up with their active lifestyle. They’re tired of purchasing and fumbling with tiny batteries every few days and then worrying about the last time they changed them.”


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that lithium-ion technology could bring to hearing aid wearers.


  • Improved confidence

Any hearing aid wearer will tell you that running out of battery power at work, during a social engagement, or while traveling is a huge inconvenience. Suddenly not being able to hear can also be an embarrassment, and can even get in the way of personal safety. So why not avoid it altogether? Lithium-ion technology means a person with hearing loss can confidently go out into the world and focus on the things that really matter, rather than the last time they replaced their hearing aid batteries.

  • More predictability

We all crave predictability in our lives, even depend on it. Knowing that their hearing aid batteries will last all day on a single charge is great reassurance to the hearing aid wearer. A recent study showed that a single, three-hour charge is enough to power a hearing aid for 24 hours; if the wearer is short on time a one-hour charge will provide 12 hours of hearing power


  • Greater durability

Perhaps one of the most important features a hearing aid can have is durability. Hearing aid wearers increasingly want a device that is long-lasting and can withstand the elements. The lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids bring more good news in this respect, as they have an IP-68 rating, meaning they are both dust and water resistant. There is no opening for water and dust to penetrate the hearing aid, so hearing aid users can worry less about common weather conditions such as humidity and rain. And a life with less worry is always a good thing.


  • Connectivity

And speaking of less worry: lithium-ion technology ensures that hearing aid wearers will be able to stay in touch with the world, and connected to the people that matter most to them. Rechargeable hearing aids allow unlimited connectivity to a user’s favorite electronic devices, without having to worry about interruption while changing disposable batteries. Wearers can easily stream cell phone calls, music and audio from the TV, making rechargeable hearing aids a perfect fit for our modern lifestyles.


  • Ease of use 

Predictability is not only important when it comes to battery length. Rechargeable hearing aids are also predictably easy to use, and eliminate the hassle of replacing batteries. For people with dexterity problems, replacing batteries can be a stressful affair. Simply plugging a cord into a wall is a much simpler, more effective solution. Soon charging hearing aids will be as convenient as charging a phone, laptop, or any other daily device.


  • Safety

Disposable batteries pose a serious risk–both to the environment and to children or pets who may accidentally swallow a battery. For children, a swallowed battery is a serious emergency that can even prove fatal. According to Phonak research, a hearing aid wearer uses and disposes of about 100 batteries per year; reducing this number of loose batteries, both in the user’s surrounding environment as well as the larger environment, may be the greatest single benefit of rechargeable technology.



Are you ready to try rechargeable hearing technology? Contact us at Hearing Center of Arizona today to learn more.

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