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Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Made for iPhone/Smartphone Wireless Technology

In the past decade, hearing aids have mirrored the trajectory of electronic devices. They’ve gotten slimmer, faster, and smarter, just as our phones, laptops, and tablets have. Hearing aids are often referred to as “mini-computers for the ears,” with incredibly fast digital processing platforms and wireless connectivity.

Many hearing aid manufacturers now offer hearing aid wearers the option to connect to their smartphones. This connection opens up a world of accessibility, from streaming music and phone calls directly to the hearing aids to ease of control over hearing aid features.

At Hearing Centers of Arizona, we are committed to providing you with the most advanced hearing technology to re-connect you to the world around you. Here are our best Made for iPhone and wireless hearing aid models.

ReSound LiNX2 Made for iPhone

resound-linx2The LiNX2 is one of the world’s first hearing aids designed specifically to connect to the iPhone. Now, it also connects to other smartphones, through the ReSound Smart App and Bluetooth connection. With this connection, LiNX2 wearers are able to make simple adjustments to their listening experience with ease (volume control and program features).

In terms of features, LiNX2 offers wearers Binaural Directionality II and Spatial Sense, both of which assist the brain on receiving and processing sound. With wireless connection, the ReSound app activates the iPhone microphone for use as an assistive listening device. When LiNX2 wearers place their iPhones near their desired sound source, the amplified sound is transmitted wirelessly to their hearing aids.

Additionally, connecting to the iPhone gives wearers access to a special geo-tagging feature, which enhances a seamless listening experience. Through the phone’s GPS, wearer preferences are archived in specific locations; when they return to these locations, the LiNX2 makes automatic adjustments.

Coated in iSolate, which prevents water, sweat, earwax, dust, and other debris from entering the device, the LiNX2 is the perfect choice for hearing aid wearers with active lifestyles. The LiNX2 treats a wide degree of hearing loss, with both behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal options.

Learn more about ReSound

Oticon OPN

oticonOticon, known for their BrainHearing Technology, introduces the new OPN (pronounced “open”). OPN is powered by Velox, an incredibly fast processing platform that scans 360 degrees of the wearer’s environment at 100 times per second, analyzing and balancing all of the sounds for a natural listening experience.

OPN is a wireless hearing aid, with the TwinPhone feature. TwinLink uses near-magnetic induction communication to transmit audio information between both hearing aids, which balances sound data for a more comprehensive picture of sound. TwinLink also utilizes Bluetooth to connect OPN wearers to their smartphones and other personal electronic devices. Through this wireless connection, OPN wearers may stream music, media, and phone calls directly to their hearing aids.

In an incredible feat, OPN is also the first hearing aid to connect directly to the Internet. With access to If This Then That (IFTTT.com), an online archive of sound, OPN gives wearers access to audio information that is common in everyday life, from alarms to doorbells.

OPN is equipped with Oticon’s best hearing features, improving speech recognition and allowing for personalization. The OPN is available as a mini receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid.

Learn more about Oticon

Phonak Audeo B-R

phonak-audeo-b-rNew from Phonak is the Audeo B-R, an innovative rechargeable hearing aid that offers convenience, effortless listening, and usability in one. Powered by the Belong Platform, the Audeo B-R offers 24 hours of uninterrupted listening with a three-hour charge. With AutoSense OS and SoundRecover 2, the Audeo B-R provides wearers with excellent speech intelligibility and directionality.

For those who use wireless streaming consistently, the Audeo B-R is a great rechargeable hearing aid. Audeo B-R provides 80 minutes of uninterrupted streaming time. For a quick charge, 30-minutes will provide another 3 hours of listening. The Audeo B-R is perfect for people on the go, with easy-to-use charging packs. Audeo B-R is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid

Learn more about Phonak

For more information on wireless hearing aids and streaming capabilities, contact us at Hearing Centers of Arizona today!

Made for iPhone Hearing Aids November 11, 2016

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