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Oticon skillfully balances innovation with a focus on people, upholding their mission of “People first” and their promise “to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively.” This commitment to empowering people fuels their research and design practices, through their Ericksholm Research Centre, based in Denmark. Here, test panels, individual in-depth interviews, and focus groups provide Oticon with necessary feedback about their devices as well as the lifestyle needs of the users. Recognizing that people are always changing, and that society consistently revolutionizes itself, Oticon aims to consistently modernize and provide devices to match active nature and lifestyles.

How does it work?

oticon brainhearing technology casa grandeOticon’s latest innovation is rooted in people, specifically in the brain and how it hears. When sound waves are received by the outer ear, they travel through the middle ear to the inner ear, where hair cells transmit these waves as electric impulses to the brain to be processed as sounds we recognize. BrainHearing technology builds upon this incredible process, by assisting the brain in making sense of sound. With hearing loss, the brain struggles to make sense of sound waves and to fill in the gaps. Such exertion causes cognitive overload, and this is where BrainHearing technology steps in to support the brain.

With hearing loss, Oticon has recognized that people have difficulty organizing sounds and recognizing and understanding speech in conversations. Additionally, hearing loss affects the way people situate themselves in their surroundings, and in noisy environments, there is difficulty discerning between different sounds. Based on this research, Oticon’s BrainHearing technology tackles the problems posed head on with four main features:

BrainHearing Technology Features:


  1. Speech Guard E: This feature focuses on clarifying speech and improving speech recognition for wearers, especially in challenging situations such as loud restaurants or large groups, where cross-conversation may prove difficult.
  2. Spatial Sound: The brain takes in sound from both ears and processes this to situate a person within the context of their surroundings. This feature of BrainHearing technology enhances the wearer’s spatial awareness.
  3. FreeFocus: This feature assists the brain in determining relevant sounds from competing sounds. With many different sounds in the external environment, FreeFocus provides a targeted directionality and ease of shifting between contexts.
  4. YouMatic: BrainHearing technology takes into account the wearer’s personal preferences and unique experience with hearing. This feature recognizes programs and volume settings to meet the wearer’s specifications.

oticon hearing aids casa grande arizonaPowered by their newly developed Inium platform, Oticon’s BrainHearing technology hones in on sounds that are challenging to the wearer, thus keeping “neural pathways engaged so the brain doesn’t have to relearn how to hear. The result is better hearing with less effort.”

Available Styles:

Oticon hearing aids come in completely-in-canal and invisible-in-canal styles, in the Alta, Nera and Ria models which treat a wide degree of hearing loss. For those who suffer from a ringing of the ears, these devices offer tinnitus treatment with sound therapy technology. Oticon has a specific branch of research dedicated to pediatrics, and offer hearing aids for children and teens. Their innovative products also include a small remote control for ease of adjusting settings and volumes.

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