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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids Review & Features

phonak hearing aids arizonaThe Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak is committed to reconnecting people to their loved ones and passions. Constantly transforming and innovating, Phonak pledges not to rest until “wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses.” Phonak engages with an international community of hearing professionals, taking in their expertise and experience to improve their products, while also pioneering innovations with hearing instruments. With Phonak hearing aids, wearers have ease of accessibility and sleek design without compromising state-of-the art hearing technology.  Phonak’s parent company, Sonova, runs the Hear the World Foundation, which increases access to hearing aids for people in developing countries.



Venture Processing Platform

phonak hearing aids casa grandeThe Venture processor is the latest innovation from Phonak. This platform runs faster, performs better, and uses 30% less battery power than their previous hearing aid operating systems. With the processing speed of Venture, wearers benefit from a seamless listening experience as the hearing aid analyzes incoming sound and utilizes over 200 channels to adjust automatically in different environments. Wearers will not have to lift a hand to adjust settings or programs.

The Venture platform also enhances sound in specific environments particularly well – such as speech recognition specifically while in a car, speech recognition specifically in loud noises, and an enhanced music listening program that functions equally well when listening to music at home or in a concert venue.

Hearing Aid Features and Benefits

Depending on the style and model of Phonak hearing aid, wearers are given a diverse range of features that will meet their specific hearing needs. Phonak hearing aids offer features such as: Comfort in Echo, Speech in Car, Speech in Loud Noise, Music, Speech in Wind, Speech in 360° (spatial awareness), Ultra Zoom (which allows wearers to focus on specific sounds they want to hear), Tinnitus Balance noise generator (a sound therapy to alleviate symptoms of tinnitus), Water Resistance (which protects the sensitive electronic components from the elements), Quick Sync, and the option to fine tune channels.

An Array of Wearing Styles

The latest style from Phonak is the Lyric, a 100% invisible, extended wear hearing device. The Lyric is inserted gently deep into the ear, and can remain there for 2-3 months. When it is time for a replacement, you simply visit your hearing specialist and get a replacement device inserted. The Lyric treats mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, and can be worn in the shower, while exercising, and even sleeping.

For their general product line, Phonak offers three main hearing aid models with a range of technology levels to treat varying degrees of hearing loss from mild to profound. The technology levels are categorized in terms of the number of features: Essential (V30), Standard (V50), Advanced (V70), and Premium (V90).

The three main hearing aid models are Audeo V, Bolero V, and Virto V. The Audeo V is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid, the Bolero Vo is a behind-the-ear hearing aid, and the Virto V is a customizable in-the-ear/in-the-canal/completely-in-canal/invisible-in-canal model. Each model is also available with a tinnitus noise generator feature.

The range of options in Phonak hearing aids allows for a fully customizable listening experience and a well-tailored fit for the wearer. Additionally, the Phonak CROS II is the first hearing aid designed for single-sided deafness; this powerful device simulates binaural hearing with two receivers that share audio data. Phonak also offers pediatric hearing aids.

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