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Siemens and Signia

In 2015, Sivantos Group (parent company of Siemens, among others) co-branded Siemens and the brand-new Signia. Signia brings new innovation to Siemens, while building upon their ground-breaking technology and platforms in previous models. The first co-branded model from this new venture is the Signia Primax.

Introducing the Signia Primax

Primax is the most advanced technology to date from Siemens and Signia, built upon the success and innovation of the Siemens binax. Binax was the first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations.

Primax takes this a step further, combining better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments and clinically-proven reduced listening effort throughout the day.

From an independent study, it was found that participants wearing Primax hearing aids significantly reduced listening effort for its wearers, with the use of two major features: SpeechMaster and EchoShield.

Signia Primax - Hearing Center AZ


For those who experience hearing loss, speech recognition is one of the greatest challenges. Many will say that while they can hear what is being said, it is difficult for them to understand.  Primax address this problem with SpeechMaster.

SpeechMaster provides the listener with the flexibility to focus on the voices they want to hear, while reducing background noise that would otherwise be distracting. SpeechMaster balance three technologies: noise reduction, directionality, and steering amplification to focus on the dominant voices the wearer wants to hear.


With hearing aids, the experience of listening to amplified sound may sometimes prove uncomfortable. In certain environments where acoustics create echoes – atriums, hallways, lecture halls, places of worship – sounds may reverberate, appear too loud, or too sharp.

Primax is equipped to address this difficulty, with the feature EchoShield. EchoShield protects sounds and eliminates reverberations. Along with SoundSmoothing, sharper, louder sounds are softened. With EchoShield, listening effort is reduced when the experience of degraded sound is eliminated.

Styles and Other Features

Primax comes with a host of other features to address the different challenges of hearing loss. With traditional hearing aids, the focus is on improving speech sounds – but not necessarily music. Primax provides a specific music listening feature: HD Music, which offers music-lovers and musicians three unique settings to experience high-fidelity music sounds. HD Music may be programmed to “Live Music,” for any concert, indoor or out; “Recorded Music” for listening in the home; and a specialized “Musician” setting for music lovers who also play music.

Primax’s TwinPhone feature allows for wearers to stream conversations directly to their hearing aids from their smartphones. Through the easyTek app, Primax wearers may easily control their hearing aid preferences on their smartphones.

For those who experience tinnitus, certain Primax models include tinnitus therapy. Primax is available in CROS and BiCROS styles, for people who experience single-sided deafness.

Primax hearing aids are available in receiver-in-canal, behind-the-ear, or in-the-ear styles, and in 7px, 5px, and 3px performance levels. Primax models include: Ace Primax, Pure Primax RIC, Motion Primax standard BTE, and Insio Primax ITE.

Siemens: Company Overview

Founded in 1847 in Berlin, Siemens has a long history of innovation. The company began as a manufacturer of telegraphic instruments, and with the invention of the telephone in 1877, Siemens created an amplified telephone receiver for people who were hard of hearing. By 1913, Siemens was producing hearing aids and became an innovator of hearing devices. Siemens was the first to introduce the behind-the-ear hearing aid in 1959 and the in-the-ear hearing aid in 1966. Now in the 21st century, Siemens continues their innovative work. In 2014, they produced the first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing.

Outperforming Normal Hearing: Siemens binax

As the first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing, the Siemens binax hearing aid was awarded the Gold Edison Award in 2015. Two independent studies (conducted by the University of Northern Colorado and the Hearing Center of the University of Oldenburg in Germany) found that people who were hard of hearing and wore binax hearing aids could hear better than people with normal hearing, in challenging noise situations.

Siemens achieves this monumental feat through advanced wireless technology. The binax hearing aid is equipped with e2e wireless technology, which simulates a natural, binaural hearing experience through the data-sharing of a network of eight microphones. This provides wearers with a listening experience that captures the full spectrum of sound.

The binax is also equipped with a number of improved features: Narrow Directionality, which allows wearers to hone in on specific sounds; Spatial Speech Focus to give wearers negotiate speech and sound recognition against background noise; eWindScreen binaural which transfers audio data from one ear to the other in windy situations; and High Definition Sound Resolution, which delivers a clear, high-quality sound.

siemens hearing aids casa grande

Siemens Aquaris: Fully Waterproof

waterproof hearing aids casa grande azSiemens also offers another first: the world’s first fully waterproof, dust-proof and shock proof hearing aid. This remarkable device has scored a 68 on the Ingress Protection scale, which measures protection from solids (0 to 6) and liquids (0 to 8). Topping both criteria, the Aquaris has been tested performance after long-term immersion in liquid. The Aquaris is designed for people with active lifestyles, and is built to stand up against the different elements we experience during our day, from the swimming pool to the shower to dust and debris from outdoor activity.

Wireless Connectivity and Styles

Siemens hearing aids are compatible with personal electronic devices and smart phones, wirelessly connecting to stream phone calls, music, and media directly to wearers’ ears. Connecting via the easyTek app, wearers have easy control over their hearing aids’ program and volume preferences. Siemens hearing aids are fully customizable for the best fit and come in a range of styles, with the binax technology available in a number of models. Behind-the-ear models include Motion, Nitro, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Intuis 2, Lotus, and Aquaris. Receiver-in-canal models include Ace, Pure, Carat, and Orion. In-the-ear models include Nitro, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Intuis 2, and Lotus. Siemens offers pocket hearing instruments and also tinnitus therapy in select hearing aid models.

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