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Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids | Review & Features

Sonic Innovations: Company Overview

Sonic Innovations was founded in 1991, with the original name of Sonix Technologies. Based in Utah, the company was funded by Utah’s Centers of Excellence program. By 1996, the company had raised $6 million from private investors to start up on its own. Changing their name to Sonic Innovations, the company launched its first product, the Natura hearing aid, in 1998.

The Natura hearing aid was equipped with a computer chip that processed sounds at a higher speed than similar devices, and it featured three times as many channels as traditional hearing aids. With this technology, Sonic Innovations became a global brand, expanding across the globe with products in Japan, Europe, and Australia.

Sonic Innovations, currently based in New Jersey, is represented in 25 countries worldwide. They are committed to making an impact on people’s lives, by helping people find the greatest enjoyment from life through hearing.

Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations has three main goals in their corporate approach: stylish, easy-to-use instruments that provide outside-the-box solutions; developing technologies and features that help enhance sound quality and promote better speech understanding; and delivering positive experiences and reliable products to customers.

Sonic Innovations offers seven main hearing aid models, built using the Speech Variable Processing platform. They provide exceptional sound quality along with benefits such as binaural processing and wireless connectivity options.


The Celebrate model is designed for everyday lifestyles and is ideal for users who desire advanced technologies and discreet styles. The Celebrate connects wirelessly to iPhone and Android devices. It is available in many different styles: mini behind-the-ear, mini receiver-in-the-canal, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-canal, and invisible-in-canal.


The Journey is designed for extreme hearing loss, and is worn in a behind-the-ear style. For people with severe hearing loss, interactions such as conversations at a restaurant or an outing with grandkids may be daunting. The Journey’s super power processor changes this for people with severe hearing loss, giving them access to every day sounds through well-designed technological features to amplify a spectrum of sound.

Bliss and Charm

Bliss and Charm are two models designed with discretion in mind. These two hearing aids are quite small, although powerful in their functionality. The Bliss is known for its outstanding natural sound through the Speech Variable Processing technology platform, as well as its emphasis on speech understanding and easy-to-use features with hands-free operation. The Bliss is available in mini behind-the-ear and invisible-in-canal models.

Likewise, the Charm hearing aid offers clear sound through the same Speech Variable Processing technology, with advanced noise reduction and directional systems to help wearers focus on the sounds they want to hear. With Bluetooth technology, the Charm connects wirelessly to different devices. Available in in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-canal, and invisible-in-canal styles, the Charm is discreet and easy to control.


The Pep hearing aid is designed for users new to hearing aid technology. With digital technology, the Pep is easy to operate and improves overall hearing. Designed to fit into active lifestyles, the Pep hearing aid is available in a behind-the-ear style, as well as various styles worn in the canal. The Pep is easy to operate, and discreet in design, nearly unnoticeable.


The Flip is a mini receiver-in-canal hearing aid that is compact in size and powerful in battery life. At the same time, it offers a great deal of power, with Speech Variable Processing technology. Designed to enhance sounds and minimize background noise, the Flip gives wearers control over the sounds they prefer to focus on. The Flip is also equipped with wireless connectivity, streaming phone calls, music, and media directly to the hearing device.

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